Dominican women, just face and body?

Iworry about the impression the rest of the world might have on Dominican women. If you write on the Internet «Dominican women» or «Dominican» you’ll find a big surprise.

One day, I was curious to see what I could find and after that, I do not know if my decision was right or wrong. For example, when I wrote «Dominican women» appeared results as:

Featured Dominican women
Dominican women for marriage
Dominican women seeking foreign men
Dominican women unmarried
Dominican women fighting
Dominican women cheating
Dominican women loose
Dominican women without clothes
Dominican women hot

Searching for «Dominican» (woman) was more or less like this:
Dominican beautiful
Dominican dancing bachata
Dominican exotic women
Dominican photos

When performing the same research on the tab images what I saw saddened me. I felt disgust and disappointment. Most women are in their underwear or had few clothes. Several were naked and in suggestive poses. Then I thought, is that what foreigners see when they put the word «Dominican woman» on the internet?

What worries me about these results is the stereotype that they show. It is as if all of us (Dominican women) were a piece of meat waiting to be bought by the highest bidder. As if Google or another Internet search engine was a showcase that exposes the collective thinking.

I also wonder how these images got there. We cannot just refer to the Internet, you also need to think about the women who chose to pose for this pictures and present them to the world.

I hope that reality will change. I would like to see in the future better examples of Dominican women on the web. That when we make that search results like these appear:

Successful Dominican women
Dominican women entrepreneurs
Dominican women fighters
Dominican women workers

Someday we’ll find photos of Dominican writers, political, entrepreneurs, lawyers, good mothers, young meritorious and not just a curvaceous body and a beautiful face.

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  1. Try using another search engine ( for example, i know google is the most used, but the results are somehow influenced by the people who search and the pages indexed by it. And we can talk about this any time!

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